How many sequels has Disney made?

To date, Walt Disney Animation Studios has made only three officially sanctioned sequels: The Rescuers Down Under, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and the forthcoming Frozen II.

Which Disney films have sequels?

Disney Sequels

  • The Return of Jafar (1994 Video) …
  • Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996 Video) …
  • The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride (1998 Video) …
  • The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata (2004 Video) …
  • The Fox and the Hound 2 (2006 Video) …
  • Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure (2001 Video) …
  • Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World (1998 Video)

How many movies has Disney made so far?

Every single animated feature-film produced or distributed by Walt Disney Pictures which has been released or has been announced. As of 25 June 2021, Disney has produced 119 feature-films, with a further 6 currently in production.

Has there ever been a good Disney sequel?

Good: The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

The Lion King sequels are by far the best Disney sequels, IMO. Simba was a grown-up struggling with parenthood, and Simba’s Pride did not repeat the same plot points as The Lion King. The songs were great and the new characters were great (especially Kovu ♥️). We love to see it!

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Why were Disney sequels so bad?

Because they have less impressive animation, music, and plot. The people who made those sequels clearly cared more about money than quality. Their strait to home video sequels had a 1/10 of the development and planning, 1/3 the production time, and were produced for less than 5-10% the theatrical movie’s budget.

What is the next Disney movie?


Release date Title Studio release label
June 17, 2022 Lightyear Walt Disney Pictures
July 8, 2022 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Marvel Studios
July 29, 2022 Untitled fifth Indiana Jones film Lucasfilm
November 11, 2022 The Marvels Marvel Studios

Why is Pocahontas 2 SO BAD?

The plot was okay as far as plotting goes, but the music and everyone breaking into song was terrible too! They didn’t real focus too in depth with the characters personalities and it’s seemed they liked the entire thing was very two dimensional.

What is the #1 movie of all time?

All Time Worldwide Box Office

Rank Year Movie
1 2009 Avatar
2 2019 Avengers: Endgame
3 1997 Titanic
4 2015 Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens

What is the number 1 Disney movie?

All Time Worldwide Box Office for Walt Disney Movies

Rank Released Movie
1 2019 Avengers: Endgame
2 2015 Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens
3 2018 Avengers: Infinity War
4 2019 The Lion King

What Disney movies are not animated?

The 20 Best Non Animated Disney Movies

  • Enchanted (2007) PG | 107 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy.
  • The Rookie (2002) …
  • Race to Witch Mountain (2009) …
  • The Santa Clause (1994) …
  • Bedtime Stories (2008) …
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) …
  • The Game Plan (2007) …
  • The Shaggy Dog (2006)
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Do Mulan and Shang have babies?

Yifei Liu played the live-action version of the character in the 2020 live-action adaptation of the original 1998 film, named Hua Mulan.

Mulan (Disney character)

Spouse Li Shang
Children Li Lonnie (Descendants)
Relatives Fa Zhou (father) Fa Li (mother) Grandmother Fa (grandmother) General Li (father-in-law)
Nationality Chinese

What was Disney’s first sequel?

Interestingly, Disney MovieToons was established in 1990, the same year that Walt Disney Animation Studios did release the company’s first-ever animated sequel: The Rescuers Down Under, which reunited intrepid mouse explorers Bernard and Miss Bianca and flew them across the world to Australia to save a kidnapped boy …

Is there a sequel to The Lion King?

The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride

Why did Disney make sequels?

Basically. Disney can make money off of them. The sequels (normally) are lower-budget movies that make fans happy but are not big enough to show in theaters. They’ll make some money off DVD sales (hopefully enough to make up for production costs) but not enough to pay theaters to show it.

Is The Little Mermaid 2 canon?

Disney has released, to date, 56 theatrical animated features, all of which make up the canon. Films like The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, and The Fox and the Hound 2 aren’t canon. … The DTV sequels are a lot of things, but not canon.

Why did Disney sequels go straight to video?

All of this convinced Disney to eventually make theatrical sequels to their biggest movies, an endeavor that has seen success with Ralph Breaks the Internet and Frozen 2. Disney’s straight-to-video sequels used cheaper production methods, hired less expensive voice actors, and re-used material.

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