Is Magic Kingdom closed on Christmas Day?

As it turns out Disney World is open on Christmas! In fact, the theme parks stay open every day (not counting unforeseen closures). Not only that, but Disney ups its game to bring the holidays to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and the rest of the resort for an extra merry time.

What time does Magic Kingdom close on Christmas Day?

Currently, Magic Kingdom’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours are 8AM-10PM, and its New Year’s Eve hours are currently 8AM-11PM. Originally, Magic Kingdom was only open until 7PM on New Year’s Eve.

How busy is Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day?

Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom is the busiest day at any park anywhere. Over 120,000 people will try to jam into the park. (Disney never publishes crowd sizes, but outside estimates reach 150,000. If this was DC, it would probably be estimated at 2 million.)

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Is Magic Kingdom closing?

According to the Walt Disney World calendar, Magic Kingdom will be closing at 6pm on August 14th. It’s unknown why Disney has elected to close Magic Kingdom so early, but the 14th remains the only date with the early closure as of publish time.

Should you go to Disney World during Christmas?

That said, if you don’t like crowds, it’s not the best idea to visit Walt Disney World during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve (December 25-31). It is undoubtedly the most busy and crowded time of the entire year. But perhaps for one reason or another it’s the only reasonable time you can go.

What is the best Disney park to go to on Christmas Day?

1. Re: Christmas Day which disney Park? As Epcot is the biggest park, that would probably be your best bet and it wont feel so crowded. Get there an hour before opening if you can and be prepared for extremely long lines and even longer wait times.

Where can I eat on Christmas Day at Disney World?

7 Places at Walt Disney World for a Last-Minute Christmas Dinner

  • Raglan Road. Outdoor Seating at Raglan Road Disney Springs. …
  • Rainforest Cafe. …
  • T-REX. …
  • Wine Bar George. …
  • Disney Resort Quick Service Locations. …
  • P&J’s Southern Takeout. …
  • Taste of EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays.


Has Magic Kingdom reached capacity?

According to TEA estimates, Magic Kingdom welcomed 20,963,000 guests in 2019, an average of 57,433 guests per day. That means that in a year where Magic Kingdom was the most visited theme park in the entire world, it operated at roughly 57% capacity on an average day.

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Is there a Disney Christmas Parade 2020?

The Disney Christmas Parade will go ahead in 2020

Therefore the Disney Theme Parks organisers have decided to go ahead with the usual pre-record of the parade a few weeks ahead of time. The recordings began in Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom, at the Disney World near Orlando, Florida at the beginning of December.

Is Magic Kingdom busy?

Holiday weekends can also get very crowded. Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park- Since Magic Kingdom is the park many tend to think of as their must-do park, we will start there. Mondays tend to be a very busy day at Magic Kingdom. … Saturday just tends to be a very busy park day in general.

What is the highest paying job in Disney World?

According to our data, the highest paying job at Walt Disney World is a Character Attendant at $125,000 annually while the lowest paying job at Walt Disney World is an Attractions Hostess at $13,000 annually.

Why is Magic Kingdom temporarily closed?

A temporary closure of a Walt Disney World attraction means that the ride was not scheduled for any refurbishment or closure. Still, due to an unexpected maintenance issue, the attraction is not currently running. When this happens, oftentimes, the ride is back up and running that same day.

Why are so many rides closed at Magic Kingdom?

While no one wants attraction downtime during their trip to Walt Disney World, refurbishments are necessary to keep the parks and rides looking good (and safe!) for future visitors. … However, many of these attractions are currently closed for budgetary, staffing, or other non-maintenance related reasons.

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Is Disney Orlando open Christmas Day?

Is the Walt Disney World Resort open on Christmas Day and what are tips for visiting during the holiday season? Disney parks are some of the most magical destinations in the world. … As it turns out Disney World is open on Christmas! In fact, the theme parks stay open every day (not counting unforeseen closures).

What should I wear to Disney in December?

Cold weather gear– consider packing hats, long sleeve shirts, pants, tennis shoes, and coat in case of cold weather during your trip. The mornings and evenings in Disney World will be a bit cooler and the Florida humidity can actually make it feel cold at night and when it’s raining.

Is Disney World more expensive at Christmas?

Holiday Periods: The most expensive time to visit Disney World is during the Christmas holiday and Easter break. Slightly less expensive times include Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Vacation and the week prior to the Christmas peak season. …

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