Best answer: How much does Disney Magical Express cost?

Is Disney’s Magical Express free?

Disney’s Magical Express is a complimentary benefit available to Guests of Disney Resort hotels in 2021. Disney’s Magical Express service will no longer be offered starting with arrivals January 1, 2022.

Is Disney Magical Express worth it?

The Magical Express is the great transportaion from the airport to your Disney Resort and your return to the airport. “Definitely a great adventure to enjoy ~ DISNEY does a great job getting you from the Orlando Airport to your Resort.”

Can you pay for Magical Express?

If you’re staying at a Disney hotel, the service is completely free of charge. If you’re not staying at a Disney hotel, you’re ineligible for Magical Express altogether—you can’t pay to add it.

How do you get Disney Magical Express?

Reserve Disney’s Magical Express when you book your stay at a select Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

  1. From the U.S. or Canada. 1 (866) 599-0951. …
  2. International Guests. Reserve through the same travel agent or tour operator who booked your trip. …
  3. From the United Kingdom. 0800 16 90 730.
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Is there a free shuttle from Orlando Airport to Disney World?

Q. Is complimentary transportation available from Orlando International Airport to my Disney Resort hotel? Guests staying at a Disney Resort hotel can take advantage of complimentary motorcoach transportation between Orlando International Airport and their Disney Resort hotel via Disney’s Magical Express service.

Is Disney getting rid of Magic Express?

Earlier this year, Disney announced that the Magical Express will be discontinued in January of 2022. … It will start being offered in January of 2022. Mears notes that it will provide the “same reliable, safe, express service” for guests looking to travel to and from the airport and the Disney Resort area.

Do you tip Disney Magical Express driver?

Bus drivers on Disney’s Magical Express from the airport do accept tips. It is not rude to forego the tip here, but if the driver has handled your luggage or performed some extra service for you, it is nice to leave a couple of dollars. … Be aware that the driver may or may not accept the tip.

Why is Disney Magical Express ending?

Walt Disney World will end the Disney’s Magical Express service for airport transportation starting with arrivals on January 1, 2022. Disney has attributed this to the expansion of options for guests, including the rise of Uber and Lyft.

Where does Disney Magical Express drop you off?

Disney’s Magical Express motorcoaches drop off at Orlando International Airport, providing access to all airline ticket counters and departure gates.

Can I add Disney Magical Express after booking?

To take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express, all you need to do is indicate that you want to use it when booking your hotel reservation, and the agent will automatically walk you through the process. If you want to add it to your reservation after you make it, you can do that online or by calling 866-599-0951.

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What is replacing Magical Express?

Mears Connect is replacing Disney’s Magical Express on January 1, 2022. … Disney’s Magical Express Service provides transportation for Disney Resort hotel Guests between Orlando International Airport and their Disney Resort hotel via motorcoach.

How much is shuttle from Orlando Airport to Disney World?

Transfers between Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Disney World-area resorts are $39 roundtrip for adults (12 and older) and $30 for kids ages 4-11, plus tip. There’s a surcharge (around $10 more) if your hotel is south of Walt Disney World (i.e. Kissimmee, Celebration or further south).

What airlines does Disney Magical Express?

This service allows you to check your luggage and receive your boarding passes right at your Disney Resort hotel. The airlines that participate currently are; Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines (domestic only), Jet Blue Airways, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

How often does Magical Express run?

The Magical Express buses run 24 hours a day. Whatever time you arrive at MCO, there will be a bus to take you to your hotel. This applies to flights that are running on time and to those that arrive late due to weather or other delays. While the bus service runs all day, the luggage delivery service does not.

How do you get to Disney without Magical Express?

You Can Still Get to Walt Disney World Without Disney’s Magical…

  1. Mears Transportation. …
  2. Shuttle Vans $23-$37 per person one way. …
  3. Taxi: $52 – $68. …
  4. Private Limousine / Town Car / SUV $135-210. …
  5. Ride Share $22 – $140. …
  6. Local Bus $4 Per Person Per Trip. …
  7. Car Rental. …
  8. Replacement Shuttle Busses.
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