Can I buy groceries at Disney World?

Can you buy groceries at Disney World?

The absolute easiest way to buy groceries (aside from bringing them yourself in checked luggage) is to go to the gift shop in your Walt Disney World resort hotel. Every hotel has a limited selection of groceries, including refrigerated stuff.

How do I get groceries delivered to Disney World?

Another method to order groceries to be delivered to you at Disney World is to use Amazon Prime Now. Amazon Prime Now is a service available for Amazon Prime members that allows you to shop for groceries through select local and national retailers on their app and have them delivered to you the same day.

How do you get groceries at Disney resorts?

The Disney World resort bell desks will generally accept grocery deliveries for you (and keep them cool), even if you haven’t checked in yet that day. If the bell desk delivers your order to the room, there may be a flat-rate $6 fee (though that fee is not always charged).

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What grocery stores deliver to Disney World resorts?


  • GARDEN GROCER. The first grocery delivery option in Orlando was Garden Grocer and they are still doing what they do best: deliver your groceries. …
  • AMAZON PRIME NOW. When we moved on from Garden Grocer’s, this is where we came. …
  • Walmart+ …


Where can I buy groceries in Disney World?

Here are the 8 closest grocery stores near Disney World to keep your kitchenette cookin’:

  • amrirahim. Goodings. …
  • rjfnccii. Winn Dixie. …
  • dicasuteisdisney. Publix Super Market at Regency Village Shopping Center. …
  • cagnaaaaa. Walmart Neighborhood Market. …
  • ALDI USA. …
  • wannadreamsviagens. Whole Foods Market. …
  • renatacapucciofficial. …
  • wawa.


Does Amazon Prime now deliver alcohol to Disney World?

Amazon Prime Now App

A guaranteed free, two-hour delivery or an additional $4.99 for one-hour delivery, Prime Now is available for delivery from early morning to late evening every day of the week. … Unfortunately, they do not deliver alcohol in Orlando yet, but I’m sure this will change soon .

Does Amazon deliver to Disney World?

In order for your items to be delivered to your Disney resort, you’ll have to go to the Amazon Prime Now storefront. … Start with your name, then add your resort name with the word “guest” after it. Add the street address next. Choose the delivery time, any special instructions and your billing address.

Does Disney charge for grocery delivery?

Walt Disney World Resorts Now Charging Handling Fees For Front Desk and In-Room Grocery Deliveries. … According to Walt Disney World resorts will now charge a $6.00 handling fee (per order) for all in-room deliveries, as well as for any package or grocery holds received through the front desk.

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Can you bring water bottles into Disney World?

You are permitted to bring bottled water into the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Water Parks, as long as it isn’t in a glass container.

Is Prime now just Whole Foods?

In many areas, Prime Now also offers grocery pickup and delivery from Whole Foods. In fact, ordering from Whole Foods was the only option available in my area. … To see if Amazon Prime Now is available in your area, visit the website and enter your ZIP code.

Can you bring Yeti cups into Disney?

I’m happy to let you know that yes, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks with you into the theme parks, and a Yeti tumbler or water bottle is allowed.

Can you have food delivered to a Disney World Resort?

So yes, you can have food delivered to your hotel, just be sure to pack your patience, have a backup plan, and tip appropriately!

How much does Publix charge for grocery delivery?

Most Publix items are available for delivery. A $99 annual membership is required, or customers can pay a $14 monthly fee. Customers get free shipping on orders over $35. Shipping costs for deliveries less than $35 are usually $7 per order.

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