Do guys wear Disney Spirit jerseys?

Are Disney Spirit jerseys comfortable?

Sure, Disney spirit jerseys are a little expensive, but they are SO COMFORTABLE. They’re made a little big so you can just curl up in them and feel super chill.

Are Disney Spirit jerseys oversized?

Spirit jerseys are large long sleeved shirts that are meant to have the oversized look to it. They are normally pretty simple, with a logo in the right corner and big words on the back. These shirts somewhat copy the look of sorority or fraternity shirts.

Does Disney restock Spirit jerseys?

These do restock now, but tend to sell out not long after. Currently the Disneyland version is available on shopDisney. … and Mineral Wash Spirit Jersey – Gray are both on shopDisney.

What size Disney Spirit jersey should I get?

The makers of Spirit Jerseys have the following suggestions: Men and people with larger builds should order their normal unisex t-shirt size or size up for an oversized fit. Women and people with smaller builds should size down for a classic fit or order their normal size for an oversized fit.

How do you clean Disney Spirit jerseys?

Lay it flat in front of the sunshine to dry still inside out like 90% of the way so it doesn’t fade the text then flip properly to finish off. Hang immediately. I wash mine inside out on cold, and then tumble dry just like all my other clothes. I don’t have anything glittery on mine and haven’t had any issues.

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How do you make a spirit Jersey smaller?

They will shrink a bit if you wash in warm/hot and put it in the dryer. Although, I have to warn you it is a risk that the lettering MAY crack or damage if you put it in the dryer for too long… I have shrank a Jersey by doing this and it was perfectly fine on the high heat setting on my dryer.

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