Frequent question: Does each line on Verizon get Disney plus?

Is Verizon Disney plus per line?

Verizon’s Get More Unlimited (starting at $55/line with four lines) throws in Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus along with unlimited access to Apple Music. Play Unlimited (starting at $45/line with four lines) also includes the Disney Bundle plus six months of Apple Music free.

How do I know if I get free Disney Plus with Verizon?

If you’re already a Verizon Wireless customer on one of the eligible unlimited data plans, you can simply sign in to your My Verizon account/app to add Disney Plus. Once you log in, you should see a notice about the free offer — click on “Get Disney+” to start the process.

Do all Verizon customers get Disney+?

In August, Verizon announced that customers on Play More and Get More plans will receive free access to the Disney Bundle (Disney+, Hulu with ads, and ESPN+) for as long as they remain on those unlimited plans.

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How do I get Disney Plus on Verizon more play?

You can enroll in The Disney Bundle through your Add-Ons page in My Verizon if you’re the Account Owner or Account Manager and you have a plan that’s eligible for either: The Disney Bundle. Disney+ promotion (you can upgrade to The Disney Bundle subscription).

Is Disney plus free with Amazon Prime?

Prime members can now enjoy up to six months of Disney Plus for free when they sign up with Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs $8 a month.

How can I get Disney+ for free?

How To Sign Up For The Disney+ Free Trial

  1. Step 1: Navigate to the Disney+ website.
  2. Step 2: Click the button entitled ‘Start Free Trial’ — or hit the one below.
  3. Step 3: Enter your email address, followed by your credit card information.
  4. Step 4: You’re in! Now all that’s left to do is make a note of the renewal date.


Is Disney plus free for Verizon customers?

Verizon Wireless offers a one-year free membership to the Disney Plus streaming video service to those customers with an unlimited plan for a limited time. It’s also available for anyone who switches to 5G Home Internet.

How do I get Verizon Discovery Plus for free?

Log in to your Verizon account. Find the “Account” section at the top and click on the “Add-ons & apps overview” menu item. Scroll down to the “Your add-ons” section and click on the “See eligible add-ons” button. Find Discovery Plus and click the “Get it now” button.

How do I get Verizon Disney bundle?

Follow the instructions to enroll in The Disney Bundle offer through Verizon and log in to your Disney+ account to apply the offer. If you have an existing subscription to The Disney Bundle billed by Disney, the subscription through Verizon will immediately replace your existing subscription.

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How do I add Disney plus to my Verizon account?

Perfect, all you need to do is add Disney+ to your Verizon account and then complete your setup through Disney. To get started, open the My Verizon app. Tap the More icon in the bottom right, then tap Add-ons & Apps. You’ll be asked to sign in, if you haven’t already.

How does Verizon customers get Disney+?

My Verizon app: From the top menu, choose Account, then Add-Ons. Scroll to Disney+ then tap Manage.

Why is my Verizon Disney plus not working?

You can also try setting it up again from very scratch if you are trying to set it up and it is not working for some reason. So, simply logout of your Verizon account and log back in. After that, you need to start over the setting up process and that is going to help you activate the Disney+ subscription perfectly.

How do I use Disney plus on my TV?

A new Smart TV with Android TV software, an LG TV or Samsung Smart TV (with the Tizen operating system) all have the Disney+ app. Just head over to TV’s app icon or store. Search for Disney+ and add it to your home screen.

How do I log into Disney+ Plus on my smart TV?

Smart TVs (Samsung, LG)

  1. On your Smart TV, open the Disney+ app. …
  2. Select Log in.
  3. Follow the instructions on-screen to sign up.
  4. Enter the URL into your browser on your computer or mobile device.
  5. Enter the 8-digit code you see on your TV screen.
  6. Enter your email address and password.
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How do I add addons to My Verizon app?

From the Home screen tap the My Verizon app or navigate: Apps > My Verizon. (upper-left) then tap Account. If prompted, enter your My Verizon password, then tap Sign in. Tap Add-Ons.

To add new Add-Ons:

  1. Tap Add.
  2. If prompted, tap I agree to the Terms and Conditions then tap Purchase.
  3. Tap Confirm.
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