How do I get to Disneyland Paris from the airport?

The train from Paris Airport to Disneyland departs from the TGV/RER train station in Terminal 2 and arrives at Disneyland Paris train station (Marne-La-Vallée-Chessy). In the airport, you can reach Terminal 2 from the other terminals by the CDGVAL, the free airport shuttle train.

Is there a shuttle bus from Paris to Disneyland?

Bus from Paris to Disneyland

A bus Magical Shuttle from Paris to Disneyland, departing from Orly Airport, will take you to the park in 45 minutes. The ticket price makes 23 euro. A bus trip to Disneyland with group transfer Magical Shuttle from Charle de Gaulle Airport takes 35 minutes, the ticket price is 23 euro.

How much is the Disneyland Paris shuttle?

Charles-de-Gaulle shuttle

Full price (adults) Child (-12 years) Baby (0-2 years old)
23€ 10€ Free

Is there a train from Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris?

There is a high-speed (200mph) TGV train that can take you from Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport to Disneyland Paris in a matter of minutes. With an average wait of 30 minutes, the total journey time will be only 45 minutes. Tickets cost 17.50€ one-way.

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How do you get to Disneyland Paris by plane?

Disneyland Paris by Plane

There’s a variety of UK airports to fly from, and airlines including Air France, easyJet, British Airways and CityJet. When you land in Paris, hop on to the Magic Shuttle (available at an extra cost) and arrive at your hotel in no time.

Is it easy to get from Paris to Disneyland?

Whether by plane, train or car, getting to the magic really couldn’t be easier. The Park gates are only 20 miles from Paris, approximately one hour from the Paris airports by shuttle bus and just a two minute walk from Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station.

How much is train from Paris to Disneyland?

A single one way ticket, a billet Ile-de-France, from central Paris to Disney costs 7.60€ ( as of June 1, 2019). You can buy these tickets from any metro or RER station ticket window or from the automated ticket vending machines (using coins or smart-chip enabled credit cards) within stations.

Can you do Disneyland Paris a day?

Can you do Disneyland Paris in one day? Yes, it is definitely possible! Disneyland Paris consists of two parks just a few minutes’ walk apart. Disneyland Park is where you’ll want to spend most of your time.

How far is Disneyland Paris from airport?

Yes, the driving distance between Paris CDG Airport (CDG) to Disneyland Resort Paris is 39 km. It takes approximately 35 min to drive from Paris CDG Airport (CDG) to Disneyland Resort Paris.

How long does it take to get from Paris to Disneyland?

The journey takes about 40 minutes. Every morning the trains are full of families travelling from Paris to Disneyland. But there are alternatives for visitors nervous about tackling the public transport system with kids. You can use a tour bus or a hotel shuttle with pick-ups at your central Paris hotel.

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What is the train station at Disneyland Paris?

The Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station is located right at the gates of the Disney Parks and just 2 minutes away from the Disney Hotels.

How do I get to the Centre of Paris from Disneyland?

RER A express train line

For those travelling from or via Paris, the Disney Parks are only a 35 minute trip on the RER A regional train. Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy station is just a 2 minute walk from Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park and Disney Village.

Is there a train from Disneyland Paris to Paris?

Is there a direct train from Disneyland Paris (Marne-la-Vallée Chessy) to Paris? Yes, it is possible to travel from Disneyland Paris (Marne-la-Vallée Chessy) to Paris without having to change trains. There are 129 direct trains from Disneyland Paris (Marne-la-Vallée Chessy) to Paris each day.

Can I travel to Paris Disneyland?

Travelling to Disneyland® Paris. … Eurostar runs direct to Disneyland® Paris at popular times like school holidays and bank holidays. Eurostar is the most comfortable way to get there and, best of all, we also partner with MagicBreaks, so you can enjoy a magical stay in one of the Disneyland® Paris themed hotels.

Which airport is closest to Disneyland?

Charles De Gaulle and Orly are the closest airports to Disneyland, with Le Bourget not too far away. Unlike them, Beauvais and Vatry are significantly further away, so consider that when choosing an airport. On the one hand, Magical Shuttle bus has direct lines from both CDG and Orly airport to Disneyland.

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