How do I rent out my Disney Vacation Club points?

One way to rent your points is by using the DVC-Rent/Trade forum over on, but you should be aware that any transactions made between posters are not guaranteed.

How much can I rent out my DVC points for?

You can expect to receive $13 -$16 per point for renting your points out to others who want to stay at a DVC resort. Since you are the owner, you are in control of the reservation and can create a contract with your rules for payments, changes, etc. You can see lots of samples of rental contracts here.

Can you rent from Disney Vacation Club members?

Or you can rent directly from a DVC owner. The prices an individual Disney Vacation Club owner will charge are generally less than a shop like David’s and likely go down the closer the points are to expiring. For larger rooms and villas, that can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings.

Are you allowed to rent DVC points?

As DVC Members you can do a lot with your DVC Points. You can bank, borrow, rent, or use your points.

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Can you rent out banked DVC points?

yes, you can rent just like current year points. you cannot transfer banked points.

How much can I sell my Disney Vacation Club points for?

DVC Resale Market can save you thousands of dollars on the purchase price by becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member through resale. The savings can be tremendous, anywhere from $20 to $80 per point.

Is DVC a good investment?

Conclusion. Buying a DVC membership is a rational, financially viable option for some people: namely people with the cost of the initial purchase already sitting in the bank, who plan to stay in the higher-end accommodations at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and/or Disney’s beach resorts on a regular basis.

What is the cheapest DVC resort?

DVC Resort Economical Rankings: Fall 2020

Resort Avg. Cost Per Pt. Rank: Fall 2020
Saratoga Springs $107 1
Polynesian $152 2
Bay Lake Tower $147 3
Aulani* $98 4

How do I sell my Disney Vacation Club?

Timeline of Reselling Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

Choose your getting-started option — Request to List or Instant Sale — or simply call us at 1-844-DVC-PROS (382-7767). DVC Resale Market assists you, “the seller,” in response to your online or phone request to get the process started. Your contract is listed.

What is the best DVC rental company?

The one I recommend to my friends & family is David’s DVC Rentals (also known as David’s Vacation Rentals). They are very customer service friendly and will help you with all your booking needs including Dining plans, Magical Express, & More!

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Are DVC rentals worth it?

Renting DVC points is an excellent way to stay in deluxe accommodations for a great price. This is the biggest benefit for me and so many other renters. In fact, I don’t know of anyone who rents points for reasons other than saving money! Not having to commit to a long-term contract is another major perk for me.

When can I use my 2021 DVC points?

They can be used for any resort as usual within the 7 month window, but they still expire at the end of their Use Year. You can bank Transferred points, but they follow the banking rules of the original contract. So if they are September 2021 points, they must be banked before May 1st, 2021.

How long do I have to use my banked DVC points?

You can only bank Vacation Points from your current Use Year in its first 8 months. Banking Vacation Points in the last four months of your Use Year is not allowed. Banked points are final. Once Vacation Points have been banked, you can’t return them to their original Use Year.

Do Disney Vacation Points expire?

Use Year – Frequently Asked Questions

However, transferred Vacation Points maintain their original Use Year. If they’re not used by the end of that Use Year, they will expire. You can extend the life of the Vacation Points if you transfer them into RCI.

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