How does Pin Trading work at Disney?

It’s simple and fun! Just visit Walt Disney World, the Disneyland Resort or Disneyland Paris, locate a Cast Member wearing a lanyard with Disney pins and find a pin you’d like. Then present another Disney pin to the Cast Member in trade. Bringing home the magic is that simple.

Are Disney trading pins worth anything?

There is no comprehensive list detailing the exact value of each and every Disney collector’s pin available. Most pins retail between $6 and $7, but the truly limited editions such as the jeweled pins retail at a much higher price.

Is pin trading allowed at Disney?

When Did Disney Pin Trading Start? Walt Disney World started pin trading by launching the Millenium Celebration in October of 1999. Since then you can find places to trade Disney pins at all of their parks and resorts around the world.

What’s the rarest Disney pin?

One of the rarest Disney pins and possibly the largest is the limited edition Super Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Gate pin made exclusively by artist Guy Vasilovich. There were only 100 of these pins made, making them very rare. The pins are platinum and very large, measuring, 4.5″ x 5″.

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How can you tell if a Disney pin is rare?

Things To Look For:

  1. Serial Number – Disney has started adding these in recent years.
  2. Coloring – Look for true colors, anything yellow/green tint or off color is an indicator of a fake (yellow eyes are bad).
  3. Rough edges – a real pin will have smooth, and not rough edges.

Can you pin trade at Disney 2021?

Just drop your pin in the trading box near the board to be sanitized by a Cast Member, and point to the pin you want. Rather than you grabbing it from the board yourself, a Cast Member will hand it to you. You can trade up to two pins at a time.

How can I get free Disneyland pins?

You Can Get Free Pins at Disneyland and California Adventure

At City City Hall in Disneyland and the Chamber of Commerce in California Adventure, all you have to do is stroll up and ask for a free button to get one. Among the buttons you can get are First Time Visitor and Birthday versions.

What was the first Disney Pin?

Each pin contains a minuscule piece of a prop from a WDW attraction. The first pin in the series, the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea pin with a sliver of a porthole, has sold for over $275 on eBay. The success of the series has led to a 2006 and 2008 set and a 2009 and 2010 set for Disneyland Resort.

Are Disney Fantasy pins illegal?

Many have been calling them “Fantasy Pins” and they are inspired by Disney in some sort of way. These fan pins are not trademarked or officially sanctioned by Disney but so many people are crazy about them!

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Why are Disney pins so expensive?

Part of the reason that people get so into pin trading is because there are so many awesome pins that Disney releases. They feature our favorite Disney characters, rides, foods, and even locations within the park.

What is the most sought after Disney pin?

Most Valuable Disney Pins

  • Super Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Gate Pin. …
  • Dream Jeweled Mickey Mouse Pin. …
  • Pluto With Butterflies Pin (Tie) …
  • Lilo and Stitch Baseball Series Pin (Tie) …
  • Mickey Mouse Apple Magritte Disney Pin (Tie) …
  • Mickey Mouse Coca-Cola Rare Disney Pin (Tie) …
  • 101 Dalmatians 45th Anniversary Famous Error Pin (Tie)


How much is a Disney pin worth?

There are character pins, park pins, resort pins, sports pins, holiday pins, etc. Basically, anything and everything you love about Disney, there is likely a pin for it. The pins typically range in price from around $8 for a basic pin to around $17 for a special event pin – of course, prices can and will vary.

How much can you sell Disney pins for?

Generally speaking, you’re going to be paying between $15 and $25 for a single pin in Walt Disney World.

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