How much does it cost to stay at the Polynesian in Disney World?

How can I stay in Disney Polynesian for cheap?

The cheapest way to save money on a stay at the Polynesian Resort is to book through David’s Vacation Club Rentals. You can rent a stay at one of the Disney Vacation Club rooms, which are located in the Pago Pago, Tokelau, and Moorea longhouses as well as the Bora Bora Bungalows.

Is the Disney Polynesian worth it?

The Polynesian resort is an excellent resort on Disney property. … The theming of this resort is what makes it special and a not-to-be-missed place to stay. Even if you don’t end up staying here, it’s worth the trip just to walk around. If you’re here during Wishes, be sure to walk out toward the bungalows.

How much are rooms at the Polynesian Resort?


What is the most expensive Disney resort?

The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in Disney World

  • Disney’s Beach Club.
  • Treehouse Villa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.
  • Inside the Treehouse Villas ©Disney.
  • Presidential Suite at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort ©Disney.
  • Polynesian Village Bungalows.
  • ©Disney.
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Can you walk from Polynesian to Magic Kingdom?

The new walkway will allow guests at the Polynesian Village Resort to walk to the Magic Kingdom, which will take approximately 25 minutes. … We’re definitely excited about this new option to get around some of Disney’s monorail resorts.

Which is better Polynesian or Grand Floridian?

With Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, the Poly has one of the best lounges at Walt Disney World. We ultimately give the edge to Grand Floridian due to the Poly’s lack of fine dining options–a big misstep for a Deluxe Resort–but this is another category that comes down to personal preference.

Is the Polynesian really worth the extra cost?

If you can afford the cost and you are looking for the type of theming Poly will give you, sure its worth it. The resort is beautifully themed and being on the monorail line has its advantages.

Is Disney Polynesian pool open?

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is closed through Summer 2021 as refurbishments will be taking place in the Grand Ceremonial House as well as the guest rooms and the Resort’s main pool. The refurbishment to the guest rooms will include adding decorating details reminiscent of Disney’s feature film, Moana.

What nationality is Moana?

The fictional movie takes place 3,000 years ago in the islands of Polynesia, an area that includes Hawaii, Tonga and Tahiti. The star is 16-year-old Moana, voiced by Hawaiian actress Auli’i Cravalho, who goes on an ocean voyage with Maui, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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Why is the Polynesian closed?

Though the vast majority of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is closed right now due to Moana-themed refurbishment, the Disney Vacation Club area, also known as the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, is open!

What is the cheapest way to go to Disney World?

12 Tips for Visiting Disney World on a Budget

  • DO stay on property. …
  • DO buy tickets up front. …
  • DO visit during non-peak times. …
  • DO shop around. …
  • DO take advantage of free activities. …
  • DO plan every day of your trip out—including meals. …
  • DO make the most of it. …
  • DON’T buy Park Hopper passes.


What are the hardest reservations to get at Disney World?

“Brunch At The Top” – the toughest reservation to get before the parks closed last spring! Breakfast (brunch) at California Grill was easily the toughest dining reservation to get across WDW property pre-closure. Only 987 out of 1670 reservation requests were successful, or 59%.

Can you stay in Cinderella’s castle?

While you can’t stay there, you can now take a virtual tour of the famed Cinderella Castle Suite. … The Cinderella Castle Suite in Magic Kingdom is the most exclusive hotel room at Walt Disney World, but it can’t be rented.

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