Is Disney Riviera DVC only?

Riviera Resort is the 15th DVC and the first stand-alone DVC to be built in over eight years. Riviera Resort offers five room types: Tower Studios, Deluxe Studios, 1-Bedroom villas, 2-Bedroom villas, and 3-Bedroom grand villas.

Do you have to be a DVC member to stay at the Riviera?

Riviera is actually a Disney Vacation Club property, which is Mickey’s version of a timeshare. But you don’t have to own a timeshare to stay here or use DVC points. You can rent Disney Vacation Club points from a service such as David’s Vacation Club Rentals at a flat rate per point.

What type of resort is the Riviera?

Disney’s Riviera Resort
Location Epcot Resort Area
Resort type Disney Vacation Club resort
Opened December 16, 2019
Theme European Riviera

Can DVC resale points be used at Riviera?

Riviera is the first DVC resort to have ‘resale restrictions’ built into the contract. Once resold, the points at Riviera can only be used at that resort. … One of the big selling points of DVC for many people is that these contracts retain (if not increase) in value over time.

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Why is Disney Riviera so expensive?

This is because it behooves Disney to pass along as much of those costs as possible to DVC. … When you consider both maintenance fees and the upfront cost, Disney’s Riviera Resort has the most expensive per point cost over the life of the contract of any Disney Vacation Club resort at Walt Disney World.

Should I buy Riviera DVC?

You should never buy into DVC with the idea of selling for a profit, but one of the great benefits of DVC up to this point has been the ease of recouping most of your initial investment if you needed to sell. Unless the resale restrictions are rolled back, this will (and I believe has) affect Riviera sales.

Is Riviera resort worth the money?

In her view, the room quality, Skyliner, and dining provide more than enough to make Riviera Resort a worthwhile choice for Walt Disney World accommodations. Regardless, our ultimate recommendation would be visiting Disney’s Riviera Resort before booking a stay here to see how it works for you, personally.

Can you see fireworks from Riviera resort?

In fact, when it comes to resorts with a views of Disney fireworks, the Riviera has hit the jackpot. You are actually able to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios all from Toponlino’s Terrace.

What resorts is DVC selling right now?

DVC is actively marketing and selling their most recent resorts, such as Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at the Wilderness Lodge, the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, and Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai’i.

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Can you walk from Riviera resort to Epcot?

It is NOT possible to walk from Disney’s Riviera Resort to either EPCOT or Hollywood Studios. Instead, you should use the Disney Skyliner gondolas to get to these two parks, as busses to either park are very limited from Riviera Resort.

How long can you stay at a DVC resort?

In reality, there is an actual limit on how long you can stay at any Disney Vacation Club Resort. On a single reservation, you cannot stay more than 30 continuous nights. If you did wish to stay longer than that, you would need to make a second reservation for the additional nights, up to another 30 nights.

How much does it cost to buy into DVC?

Initial purchase: The current price to purchase ownership in the DVC, from the DVC, is $140 – $165 per point (based on the resort) with a 100-point minimum. There are often various incentives offered, usually in the form of a discount.

How much can I rent my DVC points for?

Here at the DVC Rental Store, our goal is to help you get the maximum return on your points, with minimum hassle. We pay more than any other rental service – up to $16 per point – and can match you with a reliable renter as quickly as possible. Initial payment of 75% of total payout is made at booking.

How much is Disney Riviera a night?

Disney’s Riviera Resort Room Rates for 2021

Date Range Season Deluxe Studio – Standard View
Apr 15-Apr 17 Marathon $826
Apr 18-May 27 Regular 2 $704/$786
May 28-May 30 Memorial Day $835
May 31-Jul 1 Summer $719/$708
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What is the best deluxe resort at Disney World?

Best Disney World Deluxe Resorts (Complete Ranking)

  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort. …
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. …
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. …
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. …
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. …
  • Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. …
  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort. …
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.


How do you finance a DVC?

One option to get DVC financing is to purchase DVC directly from Disney. This can be done through a timeshare presentation or by calling them. Oftentimes, resorts provide families on-site financing options with a third party lender.

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