Is there still a Disney Movie Club?

Can You Cancel Disney Movie Club? Yes. If you want to cancel your Disney Movie Club membership, what you need to do is call a Disney Movie Club cast member at the following number: 1-800-362-4587. From there, you would tell them that you wish to cancel your Disney Movie Club membership.

How much does the Disney Movie Club cost?

The Membership Agreement and your commitment status are always available online. Regular Club prices start at just $19.95 per DVD and Blu-rayTM, plus a shipping and processing charge specified in your offer. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of your introductory order.

Where is Disney Movie Club located?

Disney Movie Club 120 N Commercial St Neenah, WI Video Games – MapQuest.

What’s the catch with Disney Movie Club?

However, like all good deals, there is a catch. You must buy 5 full-priced movies through the Disney Movie Club over the next 2 years. Movies purchased through other vendors such as Walmart or Amazon do NOT count. Once you buy 5 full-priced movies, you have fulfilled your membership commitment.

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How much does Disney Movie Club cost a month?

As a Disney Movie Club member, all you need to do is buy 5 movies at regular Club prices in the next 24 months (starting at $19.95 per DVD and $29.95 per Blu-ray), plus shipping and processing of $3.95 for the first title in each order, and $1.49 for each additional title in that same order.

Can I cancel Disney movie club and rejoin?

To cancel you must call the Disney Movie Club Customer Service Number. The number is 1-800-362-4587. … Rejoin the Disney Movie Club – I canceled in August of 2016 in January 2017 I was sent a brand new promotion offer and was able to join again with a great offer.

How do I quit Disney Movie Club?

To cancel your Disney Movie Club membership:

  1. Call customer service on 1-800-362-4587.
  2. Provide the representative with your account and customer information.
  3. Tell them you wish to cancel your Disney Movie Club subscription.
  4. Ask for a confirmation email.

What happens if I don’t pay Disney Movie Club?

Unpaid Member accounts may be charged for late fees. Disney may require prepaid payment and set limits upon the value of merchandise sent with each shipment. For any returned checks the returned check fee of $20.00 will be charged.

How long does it take for Disney Movie Club to ship?

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your introductory movies. About every 4 weeks (up to 13 times a year) you will receive a mailing indicating the “Featured Title.” Plus you may also receive up to 2 more seasonal Featured Title mailings a year. That’s up to 15 buying opportunities a year!

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How do you sign up for Disney movies?

You can sign up for Disney Plus directly through the Disney Plus website. To start streaming, you simply need to create an account by entering in an email address and payment method.

Does Disney replace scratched DVDs?

Whether they are scratched from being played 101 times or have teeth marks from those little teething monsters known as toddlers Walt Disney Studios will replace DVDs or Blu-Rays that no longer work for a small charge of $6.95 for a DVD and $8.95 for a Blu-Ray.

Is the Disney Movie Club worth it?

In short, the Disney Movie Club is a wonderful investment for those that buy Disney movies on DVD and Blu Ray. If you see yourself purchasing 9 or more Disney movies in the next 2 years, you may actually save a good amount of money in the long run.

Why does Disney keep movies in the vault?

Generally, Disney puts movies in a seven-year vault hold and then releases them. Disney’s reasoning behind the release is that every seven years a new generation of 2 – 7 year old children comes of age and is ready to enjoy the films. Generally, two movies are released a year.

Is Disney Movie Club a subscription?

How Does Disney Movie Club Work? Through Disney Movie Club, you sign up to join a membership program that allows you to buy Disney movies on both DVD and Blu-ray at a discounted price. The general gist goes like this: Through the service, you get four movies for $1 each, plus free shipping.

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How do I start a movie club?

9 tips on starting a film club

  1. Start strong. When starting out an Into Film Club, make sure your first screening is something fresh and exciting. …
  2. Market your film club. …
  3. Day of the week. …
  4. Make it authentic. …
  5. Start a democracy! …
  6. Prizes! …
  7. Keep in contact with Into Film. …
  8. Work smart, not hard.


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