Quick Answer: How long are military Disney tickets good for?

It’s important to know that these tickets are not like typical Disney tickets in that they do not expire 14 days after the first use. You can use 2 days in May and 2 days a month later if you like. 3.

Can you get a refund on military Disney tickets?

Also, technically Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets are non-refundable, many Bases have you sigh an acknowledgment of this when purchasing and the Salute vouchers say the same on the back, so they are within their rights not to offer refunds.

Is Disney still selling military tickets?

Up to 6, 2020 Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets may be purchased 1 January – 18 December 2020. Up to an additional 6, 2020 and or 2021 Armed Forces Salute tickets may be purchased 19 December 2020 – 17 December 2021.

How does Disney keep track of military tickets?

– 18 Dec. 2020). When the military member (or spouse) activates these tickets, Disney gathers information on the military member, which they tie to the tickets in their system. This is what tracks the number of tickets that you have activated during the current offer.

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Is Disneyland extending military tickets?

Disney has apparently just extended the purchase period of the 2020 Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets through 14 February 2021. Tickets may still only be used through 26 September 2021.

How do I buy military Disney tickets?

To order your tickets, contact the Camp Pendleton ITT Pacific Plaza at (760) 725-5863. Please note Disney Armed Forces Salute Ticket eligibility is for those who are career retired, as in 20+ years of service or 100% medically retired (DAVPRM). Disneyland Military Tickets are available for sale via phone as well.

Do you have to show your military ID at Disneyland?

Who can activate the Salute tickets? The service member or spouse must activate the military tickets at the Disney World ticket gates with a valid military ID. When activating tickets all guests must be present with the service member or spouse.

How much is a one day ticket to Disney World for Military?

Here is how much is costs to add each additional day to a Walt Disney World military discounted Magic Your Way, non-Hopper ticket (Hoppers and Plus work the same): Day 1 – $119 for the first day.

Does Disney give discounts to veterans?

Through Disney’s Armed Forces Salute program, military personnel can get discounted tickets to Disney theme parks. These deals are good for all military members, including active duty, National Guard, Reserve, retired military and spouses.

How can I get more than 6 Disney tickets?

Buy your 6 tickets and link them to your My Disney Experience Account and make your FastPass Plus reservations. Then upon arrival buy the ticket(s) needed above 6 directly from Disney during the ticket activation process.

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How can I get cheap Disney tickets?

Tips to Save on Disney Theme Park Tickets

  1. Purchase your tickets online in advance through Undercover Tourist. …
  2. Bundle your Disney World hotel and tickets and save even more through Undercover Tourist. …
  3. Look for limited-time and extra day FREE promos. …
  4. Stay longer. …
  5. Stick with one park per day. …
  6. Check your start date.


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