What does concierge mean on Disney Cruise?

Onboard, they are guests of honor at a private welcome reception where they meet their Onboard Concierge Team and enjoy food and beverage offerings. Concierge guests are given a personalized itinerary for each day of their cruise and receive daily in-room amenities.

How much is Disney concierge?

VIP tours cost between $425 and $600 per hour with a 7 hour minimum. You can bring up to 10 people, including infants. Check out our review of Club Level at the Disneyland Hotel, too!

What does a concierge do on a cruise ship?

Concierge services: A concierge is on hand during select hours to help make onboard dining reservations and book shore excursions and spa appointments. The concierge also can help with such tasks as arranging private parties and arranging show tickets.

How much do you tip concierge on a Disney cruise?

Guests regularly tip $100 per night to the concierge hosts and $50 to the bartender at the end of their cruise. Others tip $25 per night and leave $20 to the bartender on the last day.

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Is DCL concierge Worth?

So, was Concierge worth it? Absolutely. If you can find a cruise where the cost of Concierge Disney Cruise isn’t too much more expensive and you can justify it in your mind I’d recommend giving it a try. If most of the families we met while sailing convinced me of anything, you’ll do it again and again.

Is a Disney VIP tour worth it?

A Disney World VIP tour is definitely a splurge. The cost can range between $425-$750 per hour depending on the season of your visit. There is a minimum of 7 hours and up to 10 guests. All guests must have a valid theme park admission ticket.

What is included in Disney concierge?

Onboard Concierge Service

The personalized service continues with concierge service to arrange Port Adventures, specialty dining reservations, spa appointments, nursery care and ocean-side spa treatments in a beach cabana on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

Is Celebrity Cruise Concierge Class worth it?

The short answer from people who’ve booked a concierge cabin is usually: No, it’s not worth it. But if you can afford to pay a little more, it’s definitely worth it to sail in the next class up, which is Aqua. … In concierge, you will get a cabin that’s in a more desirable part of the ship.

What do celebrity concierge classes get you?


  • Sparkling Wine upon request.
  • Daily delectable delights.
  • Pillow selection upon request.
  • Use of umbrella and binoculars.
  • Celebrity embossed key holder.

What is the best deck to stay on on a cruise ship?

Generally, mid-ship is most favorable on lower decks, especially if you are prone to motion sickness. There is more noticeable movement in the more forward areas of the vessel, or on higher decks. One of the most often overlooked issues in the selection of your cabin is whether it is on Port or Starboard side.

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How much do you have to put down on a Disney cruise?

To book a specific cruise onboard, you put down a deposit of 10% or 20% of the whole fare, depending on the length of the cruise. To book a placeholder, you put down a flat $250 deposit per future stateroom. When you change a placeholder to a specific cruise booking you’ll have to pay any increase in deposit.

Who lives on Castaway Cay?

Castaway Cay is located 225 nautical miles from Port Canaveral, which equates to 258.925 miles. Some Disney Cast Members actually live on the island year-round. They include custodians, landscapers, and others who maintain the island. There is an official Bahamian post office on the island.

How much is WIFI on Disney Cruise?

Wi-Fi onboard is expensive, people. You start with 50 megabytes free (150 megabytes in concierge), then the price goes up fast. 100 MB is $19, 300 MB is $39, and 1000 MB is $89.

What does concierge room mean?

Generally, a hotel that offers concierge level rooms has an entire floor (or a section of a floor) which receives special service and amenities. … The amenities available also vary by hotel, so you should compare different companies’ policies by visiting their websites before you book your stay.

What is the most expensive Disney cruise?

Alaska cruises are among the most expensive Disney Cruises available, with prices ranging between $6,000 – $18,000. Expect to pay higher if you want a verandah room because of the high demand for these rooms on Alaska sailings.

What is the best room on a Disney cruise ship?

The Best Staterooms in Each of the 10 Categories on a Disney…

  • Large Porthole with Seating in Category 8 – Disney Fantasy.
  • Category 9 – Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom – Disney Magic.
  • Category 10 – Deluxe Inside Stateroom – Disney Dream.
  • Living Room Roy Disney Suite – Category R – Disney Fantasy.
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