What is a Disney CEP?

When you join the Walt Disney World Internship Cultural Exchange Program (Disney CEP), you have the chance to experience the Disney magic by sharing and interacting with guests, learning important business philosophies and making friends with people from all over the world.

How long is the Disney CEP?

On this unique experience, you will work at the Walt Disney World® Resort on a J-1 Summer Work and Travel Visa. The Cultural Exchange Program runs from June – August each year, with an additional 30-day travel period upon completion of the program.

How do I apply for the Disney cultural exchange program?


  1. Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
  2. Hold a valid passport for the United Kingdom.
  3. Be available for a full 12-month contract.
  4. Speak fluent conversational English.

What is a cultural exchange Programme?

To promote respect and understanding for other cultures hence promoting cultures to flourish in their diversity cross cultural skills in a globalised world. … It is fundamental that nations as they interact they understand each other’s values and norms for the relationships to last.

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What does DCP stand for Disney?

The Disney College Program (DCP) is a United States national internship program operated by the Disney Programs division of The Walt Disney Company, located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

Is the Disney college program worth it?

From Brittany’s standpoint, it all balances out — “I think for the experience as an early college student, it’s worthwhile.” There are classes and seminars available. Though classes aren’t mandatory for DCP students, it’s another potential perk of the program.

What are the benefits of the Disney College Program?

Additional Benefits

  • Exclusive sneak previews of new attractions, parks, and resorts.
  • Access to Mickey’s Retreat.
  • Opportunities to participate in unique holiday celebrations.
  • Credit Union Membership.
  • Wellness Programs.
  • On-site Health Fairs and Seminars.
  • Life-Management Services.
  • Clubs, instructional programs and sports leagues.

How much does the Disney College program cost?

Q: How much does the program cost? A: There are a series of fees that must be paid while accepting an offer to complete the program that range from about $415-435 for the Walt Disney World program. These fees cover the cost of housing events and rent payments for the first couple of weeks of the program.

How much do you make on the Disney College Program?

Disney College Program Salaries

Job Title Salary
Walt Disney Company Disney College Program salaries – 163 salaries reported $11/hr
Disney Parks Disney College Program salaries – 153 salaries reported $11/hr
Walt Disney Company Disney College Program salaries – 39 salaries reported $11/hr
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Do you take classes in the Disney College Program?

As a Disney University student, you’ll take courses in Heritage and Traditions; Personal and Professional Development; and On the Job Training. … The Disney classes didn’t correspond directly to my college degree program, but they were a huge benefit to me professionally.

How long are student exchange programs?

An exchange student typically stays in the host country for a period of 6 to 12 months; however, exchange students may opt to stay for one semester at a time. International students or those on study abroad programs may stay in the host country for several years.

What is an example of cultural exchange?

Examples of cultural exchange programs include student exchanges, sports exchanges, and scholarly or professional exchanges, among many others. While many exchange programs are funded by the government, many others are private-sector organizations, either non-profit or for-profit.

Why have a cultural exchange program?

Cultural exchanges provide an opportunity to explore other cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, languages, and much more. Hence, such opportunities make you view the world with a different lens. This provides alternative perspectives! It broadens one’s horizons and increases the tendency of acceptance.

What schools does Disney recruit from?

Disney does heavily recruit at a set of targeted schools. They will be on campus, several times a year, presenting to student clubs, sponsoring events/design teams, as well as the normal career fair activities. I’m sure that’s the case at UCLA, USC, and Cal Poly but it wouldn’t be to the same degree at GCU.

What colleges Does Disney pay for?

Disney pays for 100 percent of tuition at select schools

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Disney partners with Guild Education to provide programs at schools like Purdue University Global, Southern New Hampshire University, University of Arizona, Brandman University, University of Florida Online, and University of Denver, among others.

Where do Disney interns live?

Full-Time Employees

Interns stay in dorm-like accommodations or small apartments at communities, such as Little Lake Bryan, Vista Lake, Chatham Square, and Lake Forest. These small neighborhoods are designed by Disney and offer maintenance-free living. Rent payments are automatically withdrawn from paychecks.

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