What is gluten free at Disneyland?

At Disneyland, get your gluten-free Mickey waffles, hash browns, eggs, omelets, fruit, sausage and bacon at Carnation Café or Plaza Inn. You can also request gluten-free pancakes. Plaza Inn is a buffet, so you’ll need to specifically request the gluten-free Mickey waffles.

Is Disneyland popcorn gluten free?

One fun fact: the popcorn at Disneyland is gluten free AND vegan, including the buttered popcorn! They use a dairy free butter flavoring, and honestly, it tastes just like the stuff you get at the movies. So good. If kettle corn is more your jam, you can find that in the parks, too!

Are Disneyland churros gluten free?

Oh how I wish I could tell you there are gluten-free churros at the Disneyland Resort, but unfortunately all the different varieties of churros that I’ve come across contain gluten. … Different types of macarons are available at the parks and are gluten free simply because traditional macarons are made with almond flour.

Are Disneyland turkey legs gluten free?

There are two things you can eat here that are not burgers, fries, pizza and chicken nuggets. You can get Turkey Legs at the Turkey Leg Cart in Frontierland. Turkey legs at Walt Disney World ARE gluten free!

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Does Disney have gluten free options?

Disney has a great reputation for having both safe and plentiful options for guests with allergies, and this is no exception for guests avoiding gluten. While nearly all dining locations will have something gluten free guests can enjoy, some really shine with their offerings.

How do you get gluten free at Disneyland?

Tips for Eating Gluten-Free at Disneyland Resort

  1. Bring your own snacks (saves money and prevents cross-contamination).
  2. Ask for gluten-free/allergy menus at table-service and other restaurants.
  3. Talk to the chef if you have any questions.
  4. Ask for ingredient labels if you aren’t sure.


What kind of food do they have at Disneyland?

These are the Disneyland foods that will make your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth completely satisfying.

  • Dole Whip. Photograph by A.J. Wolfe / Disney Food Blog. …
  • Corn Dogs. …
  • Mickey Bar. …
  • Monte Cristo Sandwich. …
  • Plaza Inn Fried Chicken. …
  • Mickey Beignets. …
  • Mint Julep.


Do bananas have gluten in them?

All fresh fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten-free. However, some processed fruits and vegetables may contain gluten, which is sometimes added for flavoring or as a thickener ( 3 ).

Are macaroons gluten free?

Macaroons are made with coconut and condensed milk. They’re naturally gluten-free and perfect for Passover.

Are Disney Rice Krispie treats gluten free?

Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats are made with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Cereal, which is not gluten free, because it contains malt flavoring. … If you are in the mood for a crispy rice treat, minus the gluten, head to any of the Starbucks locations at Disney World for a Marshmallow Dream Bar.

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Are Mickey bars gluten free?

Mickey Bars. … A common question that comes up is: are Mickey ice cream bars gluten free? The great new is, yes they are! However, the distinct advantage of the Mickey bar is that you can find them pretty much anywhere around the parks, in multiple locations in each park.

Does Disneyland have dairy free ice cream?

Plant-based, vegan, and lactose intolerant Disney fans, you’re in for a real sweet treat…a non-dairy sweet treat, that is! The artistic and unique ice cream shop Salt & Straw is bringing vegan dessert to Downtown Disney, and we’re so excited to try it!

Does Disneyland have gluten free beignets?

For the Christmas season, I would pick Disneyland, because of the incredible holiday overlays at three of their attractions. Disneyland is missing two key things I love at Disney World though – gluten free beignets and allergy-friendly chicken tenders.

Does butterbeer have gluten?

The short answer is YES!!! Butterbeer is gluten-free and AMAZING! I highly recommend getting the frozen one.

Are Dole Whips gluten free?

Since at least 2013, Dole Whip has been made with exclusively vegan ingredients, and it has always been gluten free. For adults visiting the Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks there is a Rum version of the Dole Whip.

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