What is tenacity in Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

Tenacity= how quick your hero can get out of stuns, examples being, frozones freezing moves, Ralph’s silence, and bogos blinding. Silence= preventing all fantastic damaging moves from being used so only physical moves can be used at the time.

What does potency do in Disney Sorcerers Arena?

A high potency heightens your chance of applying a negative effect TO an enemy. A high tenacity heightens your chance of resisting a negative effect FROM an enemy.
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What does fear do in Disney arena?

Fear: Affected character will not be able to dodge or resist enemy attacks or effects. Stun: Affected character cannot use abilities.

Is Disney Sorcerer’s Arena pay to win?

VIP, PASSHOLDERS, & THE PAY-TO-WIN SHOP. At its core, Sorcerer’s Arena is free to play, but they have to make their money somehow.

How do you play Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Tips: How to become the best

  1. Farm your Characters wisely. …
  2. Focus on the Adventure campaign initially. …
  3. Use the AutoWin Mode. …
  4. Know your Spells and Gear Enhancements. …
  5. Join a club. …
  6. Complete Daily quests and Ongoing events. …
  7. Play in Sorcerer’s Tournament and the Club Dungeon. …
  8. Save your gems and coins.
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Is Disney sorcerers arena good?

It offers 3D graphics, beautifully crafted Disney and Pixar characters – each with unique skill animations and art-style. The UI is decent, characters are well-designed, their skill animations are amazing. For graphics, 5/5 stars.

Is Disney Sorcerer’s arena free?

DISNEY SORCERER’S ARENA is a free-to-play turn-based strategy role-playing game available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Is Disney Sorcerer’s Arena a Gacha game?

Behind the familiar Disney characters and stages inspired by iconic movie locations, Sorcerer’s Arena is a generic, gacha-driven, turn-based RPG that’s similar to most titles in its genre. The established gacha game loop is there: collect characters, level them up, equip them with the latest gear, ad infinitum.

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