What is the Walt Disney Legacy Award 2019?

The Walt Disney Legacy Award, a worldwide recognition program which celebrates Walt Disney’s heritage by honouring Cast Members who uphold his tradition of excellence.

What is the Disney Legacy Award?

The Walt Disney Legacy Award is a prestigious honor given to Cast Members for exemplifying key qualities. Cast Members can earn the award after being nominated by co-workers.

What does a Legacy Award mean?

Related Definitions

Legacy Award means any Award that originally was granted under a Legacy Plan and which was assumed as an Award under this Plan. Legacy Awards include stock options, stock appreciation rights, restricted shares and restricted stock units.

What benefits do Disney cast members receive?

As a cast member you get a really hefty resort discount at Disney for both yourself and your friends and family. 50% off for Cast Members. You (the Cast Member) have to be staying in the room in order to get 50% off. 40% off for friends and family.

What does a blue name tag mean at Disney?

Cast Members with blue name tags are winners of the Walt Disney Legacy Award. These Cast Members are nominated by their fellow Cast Members to be honored for outstanding service to Guests and dedicated to Disney magic.

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What are the 4 keys Disney?

To guarantee a unique experience every day, our Cast Members commit to respecting the 4 keys we share with The Walt Disney Company: without them, we would not be Europe’s number one tourist destination! Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. Our Four Keys are an integral part of our professions across the Resort.

Do Disney employees get in free?

Disney employees receive free admission to the theme parks for themselves and a limited number of guests. They also get discounts on merchandise, restaurants, hotel stays, and Disney cruises. Working for the Walt Disney Company comes with many perks.

Do Disney Store employees get free tickets?

No, Disney Store is a separate business entity from Disney Parks and as such, Disney Store employees revieve a certain number of park passes each year (I believe 4?) and receive discounts on additional tickets — but do not get the same unlimited personal park access as Disney Parks cast members do.

Does Disney pay for tuition?

Disney pays for 100 percent of tuition at select schools

The program covers books and fees as well as tuition, and doesn’t have a requirement to stay employed by Disney for a certain amount of time after graduation.

What font is used on Disney name tags?

The Walt Disney World tag is slightly smaller in size, and uses what is ‘affectionately’ know as the Traditions font. This oval version at Walt Disney World was used from 1978 to about 1999, when the single bubble version was introduced.

Which side does the name tag go on?

NAME TAGS: In the United States, proper etiquette states the name tag should be worn above the pocket on the right side of your shirt, blouse, or blazer.

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How old is Disney World Orlando?

Walt Disney World is 48-years-old today. The park opened to the public on Oct. 1, 1971.

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