Where can I find Disney trading pins?

Where can I get Disney trading pins?

Pin Trading at Disney World

Disney pins are small, so they fit easily into carry-on luggage. They’re relatively inexpensive, and there are tons of pins available at shops throughout the Disney parks, in Disney Springs and at the Disney Store.

Does Disney World still do pin trading?

Though Pin Trading looks a little different than it did before the Phased Reopening of Walt Disney World Resort, you’re still going to have a blast! … The locations and processes of Pin Trading are subject to change, so make sure to watch the Disney Parks Blog for updates, Catherine!

How do I find my Disney pin number?

To choose your PIN number, you can do so through the Online Check-In in your My Disney Experience account or at the Front Desk of your Disney Resort hotel. When adding a PIN number online, go to “My Plans,” then look under your Disney Resort hotel that should be listed there.

Are old Disney pins worth money?

One of the most common things that everyone loves to collect are the rare and extravagant Disney pins. Some of these pins can be worth anything from $5-$5,000. Mostly, the pins that were released from 1990 to 2010 are worth a lot more than the newer ones released today.

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Where can I get cheap Disney pins?

Disney’s Character Warehouse

By far the best place we found to have awesome prices on pins! Check back daily as their stock will change. We found individual pins for as low as 25 cents and large sets that were originally 29.99 marked down to 7.99!

What is the rarest Disney pin?

One of the rarest Disney pins and possibly the largest is the limited edition Super Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Gate pin made exclusively by artist Guy Vasilovich. There were only 100 of these pins made, making them very rare. The pins are platinum and very large, measuring, 4.5″ x 5″.

Can you trade pins at Disney 2021?

Now that we know what Disney pins are and where you can find them let’s talk about Disney pin trading. It’s extremely easy to trade, you have the option to trade with cast members or fellow guests. We’ve never really traded pins with other guests.

Can you pin trade at Disney 2021?

Just drop your pin in the trading box near the board to be sanitized by a Cast Member, and point to the pin you want. Rather than you grabbing it from the board yourself, a Cast Member will hand it to you. You can trade up to two pins at a time.

Do fake Disney pins have serial numbers?

Does the pin have a serial number? Recently, Disney have started issuing serial numbers to the back of the pins (not all pins as of yet though). If it is a newish pin I would always recommend checking that the serial number is there just to make sure it is a genuine Disney pin.

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How can you tell fake Disney trading pins?

The easiest way to spot them is to feel the pin. If it does not have a smooth finish, and you can feel the ridges, it’s likely soft enamel. It also looks like it has been filled in with paint rather than created smoothly. The picture below is a real Disney pin (left) and a fake pin (right).

What is the most sought after Disney pin?

Most Valuable Disney Pins

  • Super Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Gate Pin. …
  • Dream Jeweled Mickey Mouse Pin. …
  • Pluto With Butterflies Pin (Tie) …
  • Lilo and Stitch Baseball Series Pin (Tie) …
  • Mickey Mouse Apple Magritte Disney Pin (Tie) …
  • Mickey Mouse Coca-Cola Rare Disney Pin (Tie) …
  • 101 Dalmatians 45th Anniversary Famous Error Pin (Tie)


How much are my Disney pins worth?

There is no comprehensive list detailing the exact value of each and every Disney collector’s pin available. Most pins retail between $6 and $7, but the truly limited editions such as the jeweled pins retail at a much higher price.

Do Disney pins increase in value?

Considerations For The Collector

It is an officially supported hobby promoted by Disney. Pins do rise in value and some have commanded over $2,000 in private and public sales on the secondary market, which too this day remains vibrant and active.

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