Why wont my subtitles work on Disney plus?

If Disney Plus subtitles are still not working, we suggest that you reinstall the app on your device. … First, locate the Disney Plus app from your app drawer. After that, press its app icon to access the selection screen. Lastly, tap on Uninstall to delete Disney Plus.

How do I fix subtitles on Disney plus?

  1. While watching a video in Disney+, select the Audio & Subtitles button at the top right of the video player.
  2. Select Subtitle Styling.
  3. On this screen, you can customize the subtitle appearance for your device. Your changes will automatically be saved.

How do I get subtitles on Disney plus?

How to turn Disney Plus subtitles on or off on an Android

  1. While your video is playing, tap the screen.
  2. A menu icon will appear on the left. Tap it.
  3. On the left side of the screen, under “Subtitles,” choose the option that you want.


How do I fix subtitles on Disney plus ps4?

On PlayStation, while playing a video, subtitles can be enabled via the keyboard icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. To customise subtitle display settings, visit the Settings app and navigate to the Accessibility screen, select Closed Captions and adjust the Closed Captions display styles from there.

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Does Disney+ have closed captioning?

Other than rare exceptions, the movies, series, and shows on Disney+ are available with Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH) in English. You can customize the subtitles and audio language on most devices and platforms, including: … Web Browser.

How can I put subtitles on my TV?

  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote control.
  2. Select Settings at the upper right corner of the Home screen and press the Enter button. …
  3. For Android 9: Press the Down arrow button to select Device Preferences, and press the Enter button.
  4. Press the Down arrow button to select Accessibility, and press the Enter button.

How do you change subtitles on Disney plus?

How to change the language and subtitles during a Disney Plus GroupWatch on desktop

  1. While the movie or show is playing, click the audio and subtitles icon in the screen’s top-right corner. …
  2. Click to select your preferred audio language and subtitle language from the list of options.


Does Disney+ have Chinese subtitles?

Subtitles are available in up to 16 languages, including German, Italian, Japanese, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, and Cantonese Chinese. It’s important to note that every language may not be available for each title. … Here’s how to change all of the Disney Plus language features.

Does Hamilton on Disney plus have subtitles?

Right now, English is the only closed captioning language available for Hamilton. 6. If watching on your desktop, you can customize the way the subtitles display on your screen. To do so, select the Gear icon located on the right of the subtitles screen.

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Why are there captions on Disney plus?

Similar to other streaming services like Netflix or Prime Video, Disney Plus or (Disney+) allows you to enable subtitles while watching content. This feature is for those who are hearing impaired. But they can also be helpful if your paying close attention to a film and want to know every word uttered.

Can you edit subtitles on Disney plus ps4?

Disney+ gives you the ability to change the appearance and style of your subtitles and closed captions for each of your devices. … Any changes you make to your subtitles style applies to all profiles on a single device.

Where is settings on Disney plus?

Simply follow these steps:

  • On the Disney+ app, select your Profile.
  • Select App Settings.
  • Adjust the appropriate video playback setting(s). You can adjust the following settings: Video Playback: Cellular Data Usage: allows you to set to the best available video playback, or only lower quality to reduce data usage.

How do I turn off closed captioning on Disney+?

Step 1: While your show or movie plays, press Up or Down on your remote. Step 2: Select Audio & Subtitles. Step 3: Your preferred audio or subtitle options will pop up. Select the Off option under Subtitles.

How do I turn off audio description on Disney plus?

This brings up a list of player settings. Next, in the Audio list, tap the English option. Or, choose any other option besides one with the letters AD in its name. This switches OFF the audio descriptions.

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