You asked: How much are caramel apples at Downtown Disney?

Each caramel apple is $10.99, which seems like a lot.

How much is a Disney candy apple?

Even though those apples are ostensibly simple, that world-famous caramel makes them a must-try for apple enthusiasts. The Karamel Kuche apples are priced at $6.49 for a plain caramel apple, $6.99 for one with nuts, and $9.99 for all the others. (As always, don’t forget to click on the picture for a larger version).

Where can I buy Disney caramel apples?

Caramel Apples

You can find them at various locations at Disney World, including Main Street Confectionery and Big Top Treats at Magic Kingdom, Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney, Karamell-Küche at Epcot and Beverly Sunset at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Does Disney ship caramel apples?

Specialty Candy / Caramel / or Chocolate Apples straight away from Walt Disney World! … These items are bought FRESH from Walt Disney World. They are Perishable, and shipped quickly. Each Apple is INDIVIDUALLY wrapped, packed and boxed to ensure freshness, and the maximum protection against shipping vibration.

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Where can I get candy apples at Disney World?

Disney Candied apples are almost anywhere in Walt Disney World where cast members make candy, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs each have at least one candy store with candied apples. In the Magic Kingdom, you can get them at the Main Street Confectionery and Big Top Sweets.

Can I buy Disney food online?

Enter, Disney food and sweets you can order online. Yes, you heard that right! A magical place where you can browse and shop for pixie-dusted yummies and get them delivered straight to your door.

How long do Disney candy apples last?

Our caramel apples have a shelf life of 5 -7 days. The Caramel Based Apples last for 7 days from the day we create them.

What are Disney apples?

These Disney caramel apples are perfectly sweet and tart dipped in caramel and white chocolate then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and graham cracker crumbs. You’ll feel just like you’re walking down Main Street, U.S.A.!

Can you ship a caramel apple?

Although caramel apples can remain fresh up to two weeks, many companies refuse to ship them during the summer and winter months due to the risk of spoiling. Shipping caramel apples of your own isn’t difficult but does require a cold pack and proper protection during transit.

Does Downtown Disney sell candy apples?

You can also find caramel apples in Downtown Disney at Marceline’s Confectionary.

Can you buy Disney park snacks online?

Ordering Disney Snacks Online

Ordering snacks from a reputable website allows you to purchase things that may not be readily available in local grocery stores. It can also be done conveniently from the comfort of your home and save you a trip to the store.

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Can candy apples be shipped?

Shipping candy apples depends on the ingredients. Wrap each apple individually in a cellophane bag. … Place a frozen gel pack or dry ice pack under the apples if there are perishable toppings or if you’re shipping during the summer. While apples can be shipped at room temperature, delivery trucks can get very hot.

Does Marceline’s Confectionery ship?

Is Marceline’s Confectionery currently offering delivery or takeout? Yes, Marceline’s Confectionery offers takeout. … Marceline’s Confectionery has 4.0 stars.

How much are Disney Rice Krispies?

Snacks (76)
Iced Rice Krispie Treats $4.99
Decorated Iced Rice Krispie Treats $5.49
Passport Treats – Chocolate Coins $3.99
Passport Treats – Mint Tin $4.99

How much are Rice Krispie Treats at Disney World?

You can get a slice of the pumpkin rice krispies pie at Goofy’s Candy Company for $5.49. There’s no denying this treat is adorable! But, how does it taste? This treat is actually pumpkin spice flavored, so we were really excited, but unfortunately it wasn’t all we hoped for.

Where can I buy Disney treats?

In addition to sweet and savory snacks inspired by the goodies you can find at your closest theme park, retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart offer on-theme treats shaped like the Disney characters you know and love.

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