Your question: Can Disney workers accept tips?

In general, cast members working in the theme parks, with the exceptions of dining and personal care staff mentioned above, doing their regular job in the parks are not allowed to accept tips/bribes/grift/etc.

Are you supposed to tip at Disney World?

Even if you are visiting from a country that doesn’t tip as a matter of course, you should tip while you’re at Walt Disney World. It’s our custom here. Generally, for servers in sit-down restaurants, the appropriate tip is anywhere between 18 percent and 20 percent of the cost of your overall bill.

What happens if you don’t tip at Disney?

What happens if someone doesn’t tip?” … When you use the Disney Dining Plan, gratuities are not included in your bill, and they will not be charged to your room without permission. However, if you have a party of six or more, an automatic 18% gratuity is charged to your bill.

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How much do you tip Disney Magical Express?

Disney’s Magical Express Driver – Yes, regardless of whether they handle your luggage. Base tip of $3-5 per party, plus $1-2 per bag. (Note that Disney’s Magical Express drivers are not Cast Members.

What are Disney employees not allowed to say?

This is especially true for the employees who dress up as Disney characters. But no matter what, Disney cast members are never, ever allowed to say these three words: “I don’t know.” “If a guest asks you a question, you always have to have an answer, no exceptions,” according to an anonymous former cast member.

How much do they get paid to say I going to Disney World?

Following Super Bowl XXI on January 25, 1987, a Disney commercial starred New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, in which he was asked “Now that you’ve won the Super Bowl, Phil Simms, what are you going to do?” Simms, who replied “I’m going to Disney World”, was paid $75,000; John Elway was paid the same amount, in …

How much do you tip a Mousekeeper at Disney World?

Mousekeeping. The maid/housekeeping service at Walt Disney World is often referred to as Mousekeeping. These service Cast Members do accept tips. It is customary to leave $1 per day per person in the room for the housekeeper.

What is the best club level at Disney World?

Best Club Level at Walt Disney World

  • Beach Club Resort.
  • Boardwalk Inn.
  • Contemporary Resort.
  • Grand Floridian Resort.
  • Polynesian Resort.
  • Wilderness Lodge Resort.
  • Yacht Club Resort.
  • Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.
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How much does a Disney waitress make?

Disney World Restaurant Server Salaries

Job Title Salary
Disney Parks Disney World Restaurant Server salaries – 4 salaries reported $5/hr
Disney Parks Disney World Restaurant Server salaries – 1 salaries reported $6/hr
Disney Parks Disney World Restaurant Server salaries – 1 salaries reported $37,845/yr

Do you tip Disney hotel maids?

Housekeeping/Maid Service at Your Hotel: It’s polite to leave about a dollar per day, per person in your party, as a tip for the cast members that make up your room. If you’re a family of five, this means a five dollar tip for your housekeeper each day. … Additionally, If someone does an extra chore for you, offer a tip.

How do you compliment a Disney cast member?

Note the Cast Member’s name and where you met them, and include the hashtag #CastCompliment. You can also go to Guest Relations in a Disney theme park or Resort hotel and write down your compliment or send an email to after you’ve returned home.

Can you use Magical Express oneway?

As long as you are a guest at a Walt Disney World Resort, you are more than welcome to utilize Disney’s Magical Express as a round trip or a one way experience. … Diane’s Tip of the Day: All Walt Disney World Resort guests can take advantage of the complimentary WDW Bus Service.

Do you leave a tip at Cinderella’s Royal Table?

The fixed-price to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table includes tax and gratuity, as well as an imaging package. There’s no need to leave an additional tip, although you’re certainly welcome to do so if you had exceptional service.

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Why can’t Disney workers point?

Well it turns out that Disney theme park bosses took that one rule VERY seriously. Disney workers are banned from pointing with one finger when giving directions. Instead, staff point with two fingers… … This meant he was always gesturing with two fingers – because a cigarette was dangling between them.

Can Disney employees have tattoos?

Visible tattoos are permitted, with the exception of placement on the face, head or neck. Tattoos must be no larger than the Cast Member’s hand when fully extended with the fingers held together. … No doubt, we are going to see a lot of Disney inspired tattoos. Some will be straight up copies of favorite characters.

Does Disney brainwash their employees?

In fact, whisperings that the “brainwash” their employees are not uncommon. While they likely don’t go that far, Disney does apparently tend to go a bit overboard when “initiating” staff.

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