Can you trade fake Disney pins?

Many of the pins you come across on cast lanyards are known as scrappers or fakes. That means they are not authentic Disney pins and no guest with pin trading knowledge will trade you for it. Here is a great article on how to tell an authentic pin from a scrapper or a fake.

Will Disney cast members trade fake pins?

All Disney Cast Members will accept them for trades, but they probably are not pins you would want to keep in your collection if you become a serious collector. … If you or your kids are trading pins with Cast Members, you’re going to get scrappers in return. That’s just a fact of pin trading.

Can you trade non Disney pins at Disney?

Whether to trade is your choice; cast members must agree to trade any official Disney pin you request. Pin trading is intended to be free; you should never pay to trade a Disney pin. The only pins cast members will not trade are award or service pins and personalized name pins.

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What do you do with fake Disney pins?

Spotting fake Disney pins in the parks

1. If they realise one of their pins is fake, they must remove it from their lanyard/board and dispose of it. 2. They cannot turn down a trade from a member of the public.

What is the rarest Disney Trading Pin?

One of the rarest Disney pins and possibly the largest is the limited edition Super Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Gate pin made exclusively by artist Guy Vasilovich. There were only 100 of these pins made, making them very rare. The pins are platinum and very large, measuring, 4.5″ x 5″.

Are Disney pins worth collecting?

Today, Disney trading pins have become one of everyone’s favorite souvenirs in that world. Kids and grownups alike swap pins, and if you save them for a few years, those Disney pin collections can be worth some money. While most of the Disney pins on eBay are just a few bucks, the rarest pins might make you rich.

Are Disney Fantasy pins illegal?

Many have been calling them “Fantasy Pins” and they are inspired by Disney in some sort of way. These fan pins are not trademarked or officially sanctioned by Disney but so many people are crazy about them!

How much are old Disney pins worth?

There is no comprehensive list detailing the exact value of each and every Disney collector’s pin available. Most pins retail between $6 and $7, but the truly limited editions such as the jeweled pins retail at a much higher price.

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How can you tell if Disney pins are fake?

Serial Number – Disney has started adding these in recent years. Coloring – Look for true colors, anything yellow/green tint or off color is an indicator of a fake (yellow eyes are bad). Rough edges – a real pin will have smooth, and not rough edges. Disney Pin Trading Logo – is an indicator of a real pin.

What are Hidden Mickey pins?

Previously known as “Hidden Mickey” pins, the new name represents the new, wide variety of pins. Hidden Disney pins (also formerly known as Cast Lanyard Pins) are only obtainable by trading with a Cast Member off of their lanyard.

Does Walmart sell Disney pins?

So Disney is now selling pins at Walmart….

Are Loungefly pins real Disney pins?

TLDR: Loungefly Disney pins are licensed Disney pins that can be traded in the parks. Disney Parks/Shop Disney does not sell Loungefly pins yet (licensed or park official). The alien remix pins from the two companies are based on the same Disney art work but are different pins.

Why are Disney pins so expensive?

Part of the reason that people get so into pin trading is because there are so many awesome pins that Disney releases. They feature our favorite Disney characters, rides, foods, and even locations within the park.

Can you still stay in Cinderella’s castle?

Therefore, unfortunately, making a reservation for Disney’s Cinderella Castle is impossible. It is only offered to prize winners and very occasionally Disney VIPs. The Cinderella Castle Tour offers you access to the Suite, but you cannot stay overnight. Money can’t buy a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite.

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What is the most valuable Disney collectible?

Topping the value of Disney comics at $250,000, the “Mickey and Goofy” 1956 edition and it’s original printing plates continue to be one of the highest valued comic books ever sold at auction. Any comic book collector would love to get their hands on this pristine edition for their collection.

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