How do I send an email to Disney World?

How do I send an email to Disney?

Contact Us To send e-mail to, please type your e-mail address in the “From” box, type your message in the “Message” box, and click “Send.” To send a message to another area of, please click here.

How do you contact Disney World?

Resort Hotel and Theme Park Information

  • Non-Reservation. Questions. (407) 939-2273.
  • My Past. Walt Disney World Visit. (407) 939-6104.
  • Disability Services. (407) 560-2547.

How do I make a complaint to Disney World?

Three Ways To Complain At Disney World

  1. 1 – Ask For The Manager. Whether it is a problem with your Disney Resort Hotel room or a cast member who did something rude or unsafe, ask for a manager at the location where the event happened. …
  2. 2 – Visit Guest Relations. …
  3. 3 – Write The Company.


Does Disney respond to complaints?

Well-Known Member

In general, they will respond to email. In general, they will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. They have standard form letters that they send that they adapt to the situation.

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Does Disney have an email address?

For send a letter to Walt Disney through mailing address, then please note the mailing address of Walt Disney is WDW Community Relations Walt Disney World Co., P.O. Box 10,000, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830. … The email address for corporate inquiries is

What is Disney customer service hours?

We’re here to help 8am-8pm, Monday to Sunday.

How do I ask a question to Disney?

All you have to do is visit at the top of the page you can ask us Your Disney Question! All questions are searchable and indexed to help you find them when you need them!

Why is Disney customer service so good?

Disney doesn’t simply want to provide good customer service in certain places of the business; they want to provide excellent customer service in all areas. … There are many companies that do customer service well, but Disney does it great. The level of service at Disney is planned, purposeful, and consistent.

Where do I send a complaint to Disney?

If you prefer to wait until you return home, email Disney at I almost never find reasons to leave actual complaints–it’s easy to see that someone might be having a bad day–but I do make note of exemplary cast members and send an email when I get home.

How do I send Disney an idea?

You must submit your projects via Disney SendIt to please note you will be required to create an account and download software in order to submit your project.

What does Disney parking cost?

Standard Overnight Parking charges per Resort Category: Disney Value Resorts: $15 per night. Disney Moderate Resorts: $20 per night. Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $25 per night.

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What does Disney call their guests?

For that reason, Disney uses a whole different vocabulary within their organization. Employees are referred to as “cast members” and “customers” are called “guests.” This helps to remind the entire Disney staff of the purpose that they are meant to fulfill and the importance of serving.

How does Disney connect with consumers?

Disney creates emotional connections with all its customers. People will always remember the way you made them feel and by taking advantage of every opportunity to delight your customer, you will create lifelong customers. To emotionally connect with your customers, be genuine and respond to the feedback they give you.

What is Disney service model?

The Disney service model is a model for employees, called cast members, to follow as they try to make the Disney park experience into a fantasy world for guests. … These concepts help reinforce Disney culture and must be continually reinforced by leaders who possess strong coaching skills.

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