How do you buy Disney MaxPass?

How do you buy Disneyland MaxPass?

To purchase in the Resort, sign in to your Disney account. Next, scan your physical Disneyland tickets into the app. Once that is done and you are in the Disneyland Resort, you will be able to purchase the MaxPass directly from the Disneyland app.

Can you buy Disney MaxPass at the gate?

Connect your tickets to your Disney account, click the “+” button to add on and pay for MaxPass immediately after passing through the entrance gates. Annual Passport holders can add MaxPass as a yearly benefit or buy it for the day.

Can MaxPass be purchased separately?

If you aren’t sure you want all three days of MaxPass, wait to purchase MaxPass each individual day when you get to the park. You’ll make life easier if you arrive prepared for Disney MaxPass. Before your trip, download the free Disneyland mobile app to your smartphone.

Can you buy MaxPass in advance?

If you purchase ahead of time on, you can add MaxPass before your vacation. BUT, you’ll not only pay full price for your tickets, you’ll ALSO have to pay for MaxPass for each day of your ticket. It’s an all-or-nothing add-on if you pre-purchase it with Disney.

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What is the difference between Disney FastPass and MaxPass?

Digital FastPasses are free and included with every Disneyland ticket. MaxPass costs $20 per person per day and is a completely optional service. MaxPass allows you to schedule your FastPasses via the Disneyland app. … MaxPass users will be able to scan either their phone or their park ticket to redeem.

How much does a MaxPass cost at Disneyland?

The current price of MaxPass at Disneyland is $20 per user, per day. MaxPass is included with the Disney Signature Plus Passport and Disney Premier Passport. Those with other Annual Passports can add on the service for $20 per day, or pay $125 for a year.

Do Celebrities wait in line at Disneyland?

Disney provides security on their VIP tours. Being a celebrity doesn’t grant you automatic access to skipping lines at Disneyland and Walt Disney World — you have to pay for it. And although celebrities may have the funds to spend on an extravagant Disneyland trip, the price of a VIP experience can be expensive.

Can you get unlimited FastPass at Disney?

There’s no limit to how many unlimited Fastpasses you can book. This is seriously a Disney World hack! … Just note that Fastpasses can book quickly, especially if you’re visiting during a busy time of year.

Is Fastpass worth it at Disneyland?

Disneyland’s MaxPass isn’t worth it if you don’t have a Park Hopper ticket. The beauty of MaxPass is booking Fastpasses for either Park from either Park! If you are using a One Park Per Day Disneyland ticket, MaxPass doesn’t offer as great a benefit, but you still have to pay the same $20 per ticket per day.

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What does MaxPass mean at Disneyland?

Disney MaxPass* combines the ability to make Disney FASTPASS attraction and entertainment selections from your phone with unlimited Disney PhotoPass** downloads from the day—and you can do it all for just $20 per day, per ticket!

What rides can you use MaxPass at Disneyland?

FASTPASS (and MaxPass) is available on the following eleven rides at Disneyland:

  • Autopia.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.
  • Haunted Mansion.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure.
  • “it’s a small world”
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds.
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (coming early 2020)


How many fast passes a day?

Before you arrive, for each day of valid theme park admission, you can make up to 3 FastPass+ selections for a single park per day (depending on availability).

How many fast passes can you get at Disneyland?

at Disneyland. Though the general rule is just one FastPass at a time, technically it is possible for a guest to hold three FastPasses at a time – for a ride with a time window starting now, a ride with a future time window, and a Fastpass for a show.

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