Quick Answer: How do I find my Disney plus by age?

How do I verify my age on Disney plus?

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Select any R21 rated content.
  2. When prompted, confirm that you are over 21.
  3. Enter your account password and select Continue.
  4. Select Verify Age and enter your birthday.
  5. Enter a PIN and select Set PIN.

How do you get 18+ at Disney?

For adults, simply set your content rating to 18+ by entering your account password and enjoy all the thrilling new TV series, movies and originals coming to Disney+ with Star.

How do I turn off parental controls on Disney plus?

Open Disney+ Click on your profile icon and choose ‘Edit Profiles’ from the dropdown menu. Choose the profile you want to edit. Under the ‘Parental Controls’ section, select the arrow next to ‘Content Rating’ and enter your password.

What is the highest age rating on Disney plus?

There are seven in total: 0+, 6+, 9+, 12+, 14+, 16+, and 18+. Each limits viewing to shows and movies rated that certification and below. – The default rating is 14+. The PIN holder can change it at any time by visiting settings.

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Where is profile settings on Disney plus?

Manage your profile

  • Once logged in, go to your profile. On a connected TV. Expand the left navigation bar. On a mobile device. On the bottom right. …
  • Select Edit Profiles.
  • Select the profile you want to edit.
  • Amend your profile name, as well as settings for: Autoplay. Background video. App language. GroupWatch. …
  • Select SAVE.

Is Deadpool available on Disney plus?

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool has finally made his Disney Plus debut. Though maybe not with the movie that fans are looking to see go up on the platform. The Merc with the Mouth is on his way to the MCU, but the films Reynolds did with Fox continue to be absent from D+ – for obvious reasons.

Why can’t I see star on Disney+?

US Disney Plus subscribers won’t get Star, simply because Hulu already caters for similar content. When you use the Disney Plus app now, you can watch everything from 18 seasons of Family Guy to movies from the Die Hard series.

Is Disney+ Star available in the US?

Right now, Star is only available in Europe, Canada and New Zealand, and will not be available in the US any time soon. While US audiences won’t be able to access Star or its content, there’s another way to watch many of the same shows, and you just might have access to it — keep reading to learn more.

Will Disney plus add R rated movies?

PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned

Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers. Note: There are no R rated movies on Disney+.

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Can you block things on Disney plus?

There’s also no way to block access to specific Disney Plus movies and TV shows in a Kids Profile. This is especially needed, as many of Disney’s older cartoons, movies, and shows, even if they are rated G or TV-7FV, might include some objectionable content. … That’s all we know about Disney Plus parental controls.

Can you set age restrictions on Disney plus?

Tap the profile icon, and then select ‘Edit profiles’ from the dropdown menu. Choose the profile with the age rating you want to adjust. Under the ‘Parental controls’ section, select ‘Content rating’ and enter your account password. Now you can apply an age rating to the profile: 6+, 9+, 12+, 14+, 16+ or 18+.

How do I restrict shows on Disney plus?

How To Set Parental Controls for Disney Plus

  1. When logged into your Disney+ account from any device, tap on the current profile name.
  2. Select Edit Profiles.
  3. Choose Add Profile.
  4. Next, select an image for the new profile.
  5. Type in a Profile Name.
  6. Toggle Kids Profile to On (this disallows PG and PG13 content for the profile).


What rating is 6+ on Disney plus?

Content Ratings

Rating Description
6+ Some scenes may be unsuitable for children under 6
9+ Some scenes may be unsuitable for children under 9
12+ Some scenes may be unsuitable for viewers under 12
14+ Some scenes may be unsuitable for viewers under 14

Is everything on Disney plus PG?

Disney Plus Will Only Show PG-13 Content, Giving Netflix And Amazon An Advantage. News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet.

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Does Disney plus have PG-13 movies?

Because of that, none of the movies that debut on Disney Plus will ever disappear from the service. … We have heard that instead of appearing on Disney Plus the studio will be adding the aforementioned films and all of their PG-13 (non Marvel and Star Wars) and R-Rated titles to Hulu, which they also own.

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