Quick Answer: How early can you park at Epcot?

Currently, Disney isn’t opening Epcot’s parking lot until 10:30am, or 30 minutes before the Park officially opens at 11am. Until the parking lot opens, you’ll likely be held at the toll plaza. To be ahead of the game, you’ll want to arrive at the toll plaza around 10:15am.

How early can you enter Epcot?

Disney World parks have reopened, and we’re back to helping you strategize your visits. While the low crowds mean significantly less stress planning, you’ll still benefit from knowing the ins and outs of an early (well, “early” at Epcot is 10:30AM) arrival.

Is parking free at Epcot after 6pm?

For instance, the Disney parking cost after 6 pm is the same as if you arrived bright and early in the morning. While Disney didn’t use to charge you to park in their hotel/resort parking lots as a resort guest, they do now. The fees range from $15 to $25 per night for self-parking depending on the resort you stay at.

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Is parking free at Epcot?

Guests pay one fee for a parking pass good all day at all 4 theme parks—Magic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Our special preferred parking lots are located conveniently close to the theme park entrances. All parking fees include applicable sales tax.

What time do Disney parking lots open?

The parking lots / parking tolls open about one hour before the published opening time. And with current COVID-19 precautions in place the theme park gates are generally open one hour before published opening time too.

What is the best day of week to visit Epcot?

That being said, if you’re looking for lower wait times then stay away from Tuesdays and Thursdays as these are typically the days when Epcot hosts Extra Magic Hours making it the go-to park. For smaller crowds, Mondays and Wednesdays are the best options.

Is it worth going to Epcot right now?

Accordingly, we do not recommend anyone skip Epcot between now and 2022. The park is going through tremendous growing pains, but it’ll look worse than it actually is. When it comes to attractions, Epcot will have more to do in 2021 than it did in the last few years.

How much is parking at Epcot?

Standard Epcot parking costs $25. Preferred parking goes up to $50 on peak days. In contrast to parking at Magic Kingdom, parking at the other three parks is quite straightforward.

How do I avoid parking fees at Disney World?

How to Avoid Parking Fees at Disney World Parks

  1. Tables in Wonderland Dining Reservation. …
  2. Stop to Shop/Dine at a Hotel and then Make a Quick Visit. …
  3. Stay On-Site and Rely on Disney Transportation. …
  4. Rent DVC Points or Own DVC. …
  5. Become an Annual Passholder. …
  6. Stay Off-Site at a Hotel with a Shuttle.
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How can I park for free at Disney World?

Where can I park for free at Disney World? Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, and Disney Springs all offer free parking. An Uber or Lyft from these destinations can be cheaper than parking at the theme parks (depending on the time of day). In addition, you can park at the resorts for free with valid dining reservations.

How much is a one day pass to Epcot?

As of the a one day park pass is $94.00 for Epcot or Animal kingdom or Hollywood Studios. There is a Florida resident discount, and a few others,but you have ask about them at the time you get your tickets.

What time does Epcot Open 2021?

Epcot used to open in 2 parts. Future World (the section at the front of the park) would almost always open at 9 am and the World Showcase (the place where all the countries are) would open at 11 am. But, that has changed since the reopening and now the entire park is opening at 11 am.

Is preferred parking at Epcot worth it?

Although paying for preferred parking might be a nice splurge when the parks are a lot fuller, we think it’s not worth it at the moment. Preferred parking costs $20-25 dollars MORE than the standard parking fee of $25, so it’s worth considering if you really need to save those couple of extra steps.

What time does parking lot open at Epcot?

At the Studios, parking typically opens at 9:15am with the 10am open. At Epcot, you’re looking at the parking lot opening at 10:30am. If you arrive a few minutes early, most drivers should be understanding, particularly if you mention that you’ll tip a few extra dollars for the time.

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How much does it cost to park at Disney World 2021?


1 From $179/day From $174/day
2 From $142/day From $136/day
3 From $128/day From $123/day

Can you park at a Disney resort without staying there?

You’re welcome to go to any WDW resort to shop or enjoy the grounds, regardless of where you’re staying, but you might not be able to PARK there without a hotel stay or dining reservation. You’re welcome to walk or use any of Disney’s free transportation options to get there; you just won’t be able to drive.

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