Is Disney busy around Thanksgiving?

Though Thanksgiving week is definitely considered a busy time at Disney World, it’s not nearly as crowded as other times of year like Christmas or Easter weeks. Throughout the week, crowds continue to build, with Saturday-Wednesday generally being slightly less busy than Thursday-Sunday.

Is Thanksgiving a good time to visit Disney World?

Mid-November is a great time to visit Walt Disney World, whereas the week after Thanksgiving was slightly elevated last year. (We don’t expect Jersey Week to have much of an impact on crowds–if it even happens at all.) The other upside to November are that the weather is generally more temperate.

Is Disney busier at Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Thanksgiving would be better IMHO-lower crowds (though still busy) and a better chance of good weather. Christmas at WDW is very, very, very, very busy and you’ll still have all of the holiday decorations and special events at Thanksgiving.

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Is Disney busy on Black Friday?

Disneyland is very crowded on Black Friday. If you absolutely, positively must go this week, Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) tends to be the most manageable day of that week to go. It’s also vital that you arrive early this week (at park opening if you can).

Is Disney World Open during Thanksgiving?

The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are all open on Thanksgiving Day, so pick your favorite park (or two) and join in the turkey-day fun. … While all four of the Walt Disney World parks are open in 2020, special guidelines are in place.

Is Walt Disney World crowded in November?

Nevertheless, it’s a good month to visit Walt Disney World due to mild weather, moderate crowds much of the month, and the start of the holiday season! … November isn’t just one of the best months to visit–it has our favorite week of the year, too!

Which Disney park is least crowded?

Suggested Walt Disney World Park Planning Schedule

Keep in mind that Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are the smallest parks, so fill up faster, so the weekend will feel extra crowded at these parks. You will find that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are by far the best days to be in the parks.

Does Disney do anything special for Thanksgiving?

Entertainment. As mentioned above, there is no Thanksgiving-specific entertainment in any of the Walt Disney World parks or resorts. However, Christmas is in full swing by Thanksgiving in Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and many of the resorts by Thanksgiving.

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What is the cheapest month to go to Disney?

Overall, from past predictions and studies, the 2020 hotel rates were overall cheapest in January to early February, late August through mid-September, and late October all through early December. Prices are always cheaper on Sunday through Thursday nights as well as opposed to weekend nights.

Can you swim at Disney in November?

Weather at Disney World in November

Despite being close to winter, the temperatures are still relatively great for a day at the pool! Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon alternate refurbishment during this season, beginning in October. As one is closed for refurbishment, the other remains open and ready for fun.

Where can I eat on Thanksgiving at Disney World?

Where To Have Thanksgiving Dinner at Walt Disney World

  • Liberty Tree Tavern (Magic Kingdom)
  • California Grill (Contemporary Resort)
  • Garden Grill (EPCOT)
  • Narcoossee’s (Grand Floridian)
  • The Wave… of American Flavors (Contemporary Resort)
  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe (Hollywood Studios)
  • Hollywood and Vine (Hollywood Studios)


Is Disney decorated for Christmas in November?

Despite the Christmas 2021 season not officially starting at Walt Disney World until November 12, the reality is that decorations will go up before then. This year, you can expect Magic Kingdom to be mostly decorated by November 2, 2021 and fully decorated by November 8, 2021.

What are the slowest days at Disney World?

The busiest times of year are during the holiday periods, school breaks, most of the summer vacation, and weekends year-round. The least-crowded times to visit Disney World are during January and early February (the height of winter) and just after school starts in early September through mid-November.

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What is Disney like at Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving at Disney World brings in extra crowds, which means restaurant queues will also be extra long. You’ll save time waiting in line for food if you eat during off-peak times. Eat an early breakfast and have an early lunch at 11 a.m. Alternatively, eat a big breakfast and have a late lunch.

How busy is Disney at Christmas?

There’s no getting away from the fact that crowds at Disney World during Christmas are at their peak. It will be a little less crowded early December and will start to increase the weekend before Christmas. If you can possibly avoid the week from Christmas Day to New Years Eve, then do.

What should I wear to Disney World on Thanksgiving?

Since November can still be fairly warm with some cooler temperatures in the mornings and nights, kids can choose shorts, pants, and t-shirts to wear on the trip.

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