You asked: What can you buy at Disneyland Paris?

What can I buy at Disneyland Paris?

No. 1: Boardwalk Candy Palace Disneyland Paris

  • Disneyland Paris popcorn buckets.
  • Disneyland Paris lollipops & sweets.
  • Disneyland Paris shortbread biscuits (pictured above)
  • A WALL full of Disneyland Paris penny candy.
  • Disneyland Paris chocolate gifts.
  • Disneyland Paris fudge.
  • Disneyland Paris kitchenware, aprons, & cake tins.


What shops are there in Disneyland Paris?

  • The Disney Gallery. 228. Speciality & Gift Shops. …
  • World of Disney. 1,229. …
  • Disney Village. 4,732. …
  • Hollywood Pictures. Speciality & Gift Shops. …
  • Tower Hotel Gifts. Speciality & Gift Shops. …
  • Disney Fashion. Speciality & Gift Shops. …
  • Toy Story Playland Boutique. Speciality & Gift Shops. …
  • World of Toys. Speciality & Gift Shops.

What is included in Disneyland Paris ticket?

Our advance 1-day tickets give you access to:

  • 2 Disney theme parks – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.
  • Over 50 rides and attractions.
  • Disney’s FASTPASS service – get onto the most popular rides without queuing!
  • Photo opportunities with your favourite characters.
  • Amazing shows.
  • Spectacular Disney parades.
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How much are Disney ears at Disneyland Paris?

Ears are around 13 euro, more if they are special.

Can you pay by card in Disneyland Paris?

Yes, all major credit cards including American Express, Mastercard and Visa are accepted across Disneyland Paris including shops, restaurants, Disney Parks and Disney Village.

How much do Mickey ears cost at Disneyland?

Ears are a top seller at the parks, and Disney has worked hard to keep up with demand. The company has designed dozens of different pairs from simple sequined ears to pairs that honor fan-favorite characters and attractions. Most of the ears in Disney’s collection cost around $30 per pair.

How many shops does Disneyland Paris have?

To complete its range of leisure activities, Disneyland Paris has made itself a fully-fledged shopping destination. With 63 shops located around the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios, Disney Village and all official Disney Hotels, everyone can find something they like.

Are there supermarkets in Disneyland Paris?

There is a small shop / supermarket at Davy Crockett Ranch but it’s more expensive than the Auchan or other supermarkets offsite.

Is Star Wars at Disneyland Paris?

The Amazing Star Wars Spectacular – Only at Disneyland Paris! Guests became immersed in the world of Star Wars at Disneyland Paris from 11th January – 15th March 2020.

Does Disneyland Paris do fireworks every night?

The Disney Illuminations at Disneyland Paris night-time spectacular closing ceremony. The show itself lasts approximately 20 minutes & runs every night after the park closes. The Disney Illuminations show replaced Disney Dreams. …

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What age is free at Disneyland Paris?

Visit with kids from 0 to 6 years old | Disneyland Paris.

Does Disneyland Paris ticket include rides?

So, your park entrance ticket covers pretty much everything inside each/either park, apart from your food and drinks, and a few exceptional activities with extra costs (these are mostly geared towards children, and can be easily avoided for the most part!), so you don’t have to worry about paying for the rides or the …

How much are Minnie ears in Disneyland?

Purchase the Loungefly Park Icon Minnie Ears here!

They’re available for $29.99.

Do they sell lightsabers at Disneyland Paris?

The Star Traders store has you covered, with phasers, lightsabers, Jedi robes and new The Force Awakens collectibles. … Or you might want to indulge in the full Darth Maul-style 8ft double lightsaber treatment. Are you ready for the ultimate Star Wars experience? Book your short break at Disneyland Paris today.

How do you shop at Disney parks?

Disney Parks Authentic Merchandise

Visit the Disney Parks Product page at to purchase authentic Disney theme park apparel, toys, collectibles and so much more: Vacation FUNdamentals.

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